Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Bwa Nef, part I

Working in Lamp's law office based in Bwa Nef the last few months has meant a series of unexpected events and working conditions that bring joy mixed with frustration. I'll try to use a couple of entries over the next few weeks to highlight more of the work we're trying to do before I leave in mid-December.

In this first entry, I'll try to focus on some moments marked by their levity. Maybe not surprisingly, they mostly involve children.

Something awesome: Almost any time throughout the day, you have someone, usually a small child, who stands at the door and stares at you while you work. They don't ask any questions or ask for anything; they just stare. What a curiosity we are! Many times, those children are invited in to visit. I love the fact that we work in a place where kids are welcome much of the time. I have a feeling there aren't too many law offices out there that allow kids into the inner sanctum to simply hang out and receive some kind words.

Something exciting: Allowing a gaggle of curious little girls to use a computer for the first time to type their names.

Something funny: There's a large patch of smooth concrete right next to our office, usually used by kids as a play space. One day after particularly heavy rains, I walked out to find nearly thirty kids stripped down to their underpants (or in the case of all of the boys, nothing at all), laughing hysterically as they used the concrete as a giant slip'n'slide.

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  1. I think this is the best blog I've ever read. Seriously.